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1-YEAR UPDATE: YouTube series complete

Deadlockfilm YouTube series complete turns one! To celebrate, our final two YouTube oldies, Petos (The Deceit) and Prätkäjätkä (Biker Boy) go live. So, with all five oldtime Lehtinen/Åhman films are now up on the YouTube channel the past is accounted for. Now toward the future! There shall be updates. Soon.

Posted by John on 19.2.2010.

24-minute Deadlock on TV

Deadlock is presented in 4:3 non-widescreen

An exclusive version of Deadlock airs at 22:40 on Wed 9th and 23:16 on Sun 13th September on Finnish nationwide channel FST5, as part of the series RåFilm (eng. RawFilm). The series showcases independent and student films. The TV-version of Deadlock has no additional scenes, dialogue or such - quite to the contrary. The film has been cut down from 40 minutes to 24 to fit the half hour show. A couple of minutes of airtime have been reserved for an interview in which host Jerry Wahlforss asks insightful question which director John Åhman answers with varying success.

Posted by John on 6.9.2009.

Deadlock available for iPhone

It is now possible to take Deadlock with you where ever you go, just download the iPhone version!

Posted by Sampo on 23.8.2009.

YouTube channel unearths olden days

The Deadlockfilm YouTube channel now hosts the first in a series of old movies from the Deadlock team. This one, Kaakaosota (eng. Cocoa Wars), concerns a breakneck fight over a cup of hot chocolate. Check it out and laugh.

Moreover, the direct dowload link for Deadlock is up again. Get downloading.

Posted by John on 9.3.2009.

Fenno-swede Voltage and Finnish Filmfreaking

Premier Swedish weekly magazine in Finland, Volt, sat down and talked Deadlock with us. The piece highlights the ramshackle production and drawn-out post-production phase of the movie.

Swedish-literate people are advised to find the article on page 15 of the last weekly edition of Volt, out on Saturday, 7th March.

Furthermore, Finns can now be buy the Deadlock DVD through Filmifriikki stores and website for only 11,90 EUR. Alas, the offer is only domestic. We handle international orders personally at the moment. Drop me a line if you want a copy.

In Finnish:

Deadlock-DVD on nyt tilattavissa Filmifriikin liikkeistä tai verkkokaupasta hintaan 11,90 €.

Posted by John on 9.3.2009.

Bandwidth-bursting Deadlock downloads

Egads! Deadlock downloads are amassing at an alarming rate. Woo-hoo!

Thanks, people.

Alas, due to the massive amounts of downloads we've decided to close the direct download link for a few days. The torrent download will have to take over for the rest of February, and the streaming version is still up here.

Also, we're tinkering on some new things and some old things. Check back - something's in the works.

Posted by John on 24.2.2009.

Deadlockfilm goes live!

So, the site is finally up now.

Ten years ago today we were in the midst of a gruelling ending scene shoot, with the cottage full of unwieldy teenagers, us included. The firewood situation was looking bad and I hadn't really slept for a week.

Thankfully, that was a long time ago, and today the film and trailers can be viewed in the watch section. Enjoy.

Posted by John on 20.2.2009.

Deadlock wins award!

This is the Golden Chainsaw. Deadlock won the prize for best action film at the 3rd Trash Film Festival in Varaždin, Croatia. Needless to say we are happy now with our chainsaw.

The Golden Chainsaw

Thanks a shedload. We might be back next year!

Posted by John on 19.2.2009.

On Facebook & YouTube

Drop us a line on the Deadlock Facebook page. Do discuss and review the film!

The YouTube channel is up and set to expand in the future. Not telling with what yet.

Posted by John on 19.2.2009.

A Film by Elias Lehtinen & John Åhman